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  • Age: 22
  • Sexe: Femme
  • Sexualité:Hétéro
  • Ethnicité: Européenne
  • Couleur des cheveux: Blonde
  • Couleur des yeux: Verts
  • Corps: Fine

Catégorie: Amitié

Pays: Ukraine

In the first half of the day, as well as in the evening, if possible.
I am very inspired by praise and gratitude. When I get positive feedback. Inspired by people who go to their goal, creative people.
And I learned to inspire quickly enough. It can be morning exercises, or just a walk in the fresh air. 
Je n'aime pas:
There is no exact belief that does not inspire me. I just do not like rudeness - this is a quality that occurs in people and upsets me. In my life I have not yet gained immunity from rudeness and constantly take everything to heart. 
Ce que vous pouvez attendre de mes shows:
I want to get acquainted with a person who will have an inherent amazing feature: the need shares everything that he knows so that you can be heard during the story. Feeling a sense of happiness. So that we would love to rejoice and would like to spend all days together. 
Pourquoi je suis ici:
There are seven billion people on Earth. All people are as different as you can imagine. And not all fit together. This is normal. I will spend all my strength on a suitable person. I am looking for normal, adequate communication - as a result of which mutual enrichment takes place. 

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