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"A woman is pleased to have power over a man, but she is always attracted to someone who has power over her."


  • Age: 36
  • Sexe: Femme
  • Sexualité:Hétéro
  • Ethnicité: Autres
  • Couleur des cheveux: Brune
  • Couleur des yeux: Verts
  • Corps: Normale
  • Taille des seins: S

Catégorie: Séduction…(et plus si affinité)

Pays: Demandez-moi

catch me
In a woman there are always two sides: rebellious and pliable. The first does not allow thought of submission. The second is in the expectation, when the first will be curbed.
The main female aphrodisiac is to feel the object of desire ... It is very important for a woman to be desired, exciting ... 
Je n'aime pas:
If you find a man with whom you can behave as freely as you behave alone with yourself, then appreciate it like air.

Discovering each other, like other planets, knowing galaxies, moaning bodies. There will be no prohibition in our cosmos of passion. After all, our fantasies do not know the limit.
Passion is hot breath, loud moans, sweaty bodies and insane desire. 
Ce que vous pouvez attendre de mes shows:
When she came to him, she had only a passion ... The best of her wardrobe ...
Woman - a mystery abruptly Bermuda Triangle. Thrilling horizontal breasts, gentle lines go down and get lost between the thighs.

I am not used to denying myself my weaknesses. If I want something, then this is only a matter of time. 
Pourquoi je suis ici:
A woman wants not just to touch the soul strings of a man, she wants to play her own melody on them.
To start the day well, you need to spend the night properly.

-What is a woman with taste?
- That with each kiss is even tastier. 

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