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Note: 4.5

"I am what I am. For someone an angel, for someone hell. now the choice is yours: burn with me or be in heaven"


  • Age: 26
  • Sexe: Femme
  • Sexualité:Hétéro
  • Ethnicité: Européenne
  • Couleur des cheveux: Brune
  • Couleur des yeux: Marrons
  • Corps: Normale
  • Taille des seins: S
  • Spécial: Tatouages, Ongles longs, Star du X

Catégorie: Filles Faciles

Pays: Demandez-moi

look at me. what do you see?
Activités optionnelles:
Domination, Exhibition, Embrasser, Jambes, pieds et chaussures, Bas et lingerie, Esclaves, Cigarette, Strip-tease, Autres
There is so much negativity in this world, and I would like us to drop everything badly and just enjoy each other here and now. I like to see the smiles on the faces of people, so I gladly give you my smile, and in return I ask for respect for myself. All that will be between us is chemistry.
(thanks) (L) 
Je n'aime pas:
(uzi) I do not care what others do, and in what category do I have my own life and rules
(uzi)no instant actions
(uzi)When you call and keep silent or say "hello" and leave - this is a terrible sight) Lol (compressed)
(!)The price that I set is the price for what I can do without violating the rules of this category. I think you understand why 121 and what this session is different from open(silence) 
Ce que vous pouvez attendre de mes shows:
For someone, I will be gentle and sensitive, but for someone I will be tough and domineering (silence).
I am not a woman for everyone, so only real men who are interested in something more than just a naked doll will enjoy my company. I like to get to know you, to see you, to feel the platonic warmth. You want to get distracted and relax - I want the same thing. And this is the first thing that has already united us :) P.S This category is different from dungeon or fetish, discuss some points 
Pourquoi je suis ici:
I don't think I'm a naive girl, but it seems to me that having a virtual connection with someone is very exciting. When thoughts during the day return to those moments spent here with someone special. I like the feeling of anxious waiting. I love something new. And I'm a little crazy. I guess that's why I'm here 

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